Not many business people are aware of the benefits of using SharePoint for their business.
One of the greatest benefits of SharePoint 2010 is that you will be able to access your documents and files in your SharePoint portal from multiple sources. Sharing of information within the organisation becomes fast and easy with SharePoint 2010. Whether you run a small sized business or a large operation you will have large volume of digital documents that needs to be accessed on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. The volume of the documents will increase gradually and over a period of time it will become unmanageable with the regular computer tools. You will need something more sophisticated to organise your folders and files for fast and easy access and that sophisticated solution comes in the form of SharePoint 2010.
Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 also contains advanced Records Management features that includes:
  • Document ID: Every document can be assigned a unique identifier, which stays with the document even when it's archived.  This allows records to be easily referenced by an ID no matter where the document moves.
  • Multi-Stage Retention: Retention policies can have multiple stages, allowing you to specify the entire document lifecycle as one policy (e.g. review Contracts every year, and delete after 7 years)
  • Per-Item Audit Reports: You can generate a customized audit report about an individual record.
  • Hierarchal File Plans: You can create deep, hierarchal folder structures and manage retention at each folder in the hierarchy (or inherit from parent folders).
  • File Plan Report: You can generate status reports showing the number of items in each stage of the file plan, along with a rollup of the retention policies on each node in the plan.  Read more...